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Song for Autumn

A ShenArts Member Exhibition

Inspired by Mary Oliver's evocative poem "Song for Autumn," we invite artists to delve into the themes of changing seasons, the passage of time, and the serene, introspective moments of autumn. This exhibition seeks to capture the essence of autumn, as seen through the lens of a poet.

Exhibition Schedule

ENTRY DEADLINE  |   July 27, 2024   |   11:59pm  


ART DROP OFF   |   August 30 & 31, 2024



ON VIEW FOR PUBLIC   |   September 10 – November 9, 2024   

The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley,

901 Amherst Street, Winchester, VA

ART PICK UP   |   November 10 & 11, 2024

*dates and times subject to change

Song for Autumn by Mary Oliver


In the deep fall

don’t you imagine the leaves think how

comfortable it will be to touch

the earth instead of the

nothingness of air and the endless

freshets of wind? And don’t you think

the trees themselves, especially those with mossy,

warm caves, begin to think


of the birds that will come—six, a dozen—to sleep

inside their bodies? And don’t you hear

the goldenrod whispering goodbye,

the everlasting being crowned with the first

tuffets of snow? The pond

vanishes, and the white field over which

the fox runs so quickly brings out

its blue shadows. And the wind pumps its

bellows. And at evening especially,

the piled firewood shifts a little,

longing to be on its way.

Song for Autumn: ShenArts Member Exhibition

Artists are encouraged to explore the theme through visual art and original poetry. We encourage you to think creatively about your presentation:

  • Visual Art: Create pieces that capture the essence of autumn, inspired by poetic themes or imagery.

  • Poetry: Write poems that reflect the beauty and transformation of the season. These should be displayed artistically—consider innovative ways to present your text, beyond standard formats, to enhance its visual appeal.


Both visual art and written work will be displayed on the walls of the museum. Therefore, all submissions must be ready to hang and suitable for wall display. Embrace the opportunity to make your presentation visually engaging and integral to the overall aesthetic of the exhibition.

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Artist Information

Submission Guidelines

All work must be display-ready, suitable for exhibition on the museum wall. Please be sure you can deliver artwork at the required times before you apply. Artists may submit up to 3 works. Each submission will include:

  • High-resolution images of the artwork.

  • A brief artist statement (200 words max) explaining the connection between the work and the themes of the exhibition.

  • An artist bio (150 words max).

  • Contact information.

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by a jury of artists and poets. Selected artists will be notified by August 10. Works will be chosen based on artistic quality, interpretation of the theme, and creativity.

Additional Information

For any inquiries, please contact Rachel at or 540-667-5166.

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