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Hidden Talents

December 14, 2018


Hidden Talents was designed with the goal of getting affordable artwork from local artists into the hands of as many people as possible. The holidays are a terrific time to invest in original artwork as a gift for a loved one or even yourself! All of the pieces in this show were the same dimensions, 5×7, and all were available at the same donation price of $40.

ShenArts asked artists to create these small works and donate their efforts to the event and we were blown away by the response! Thanks so much to all who gave their time and talent, we couldn’t be more pleased with the amazing pieces we received. All artists were asked to sign their work on the back of the postcards to give a sense of mystery to the show while also allowing all of our artists to be viewed on equal ground, whether beginner or professional.


Browse the gallery here of over 50 works of art ShenArts received.

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