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Virtual Exhibitions


The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we as a community interact and share experiences, information, and even art. ShenArts faced these challenges and developed a series of exhibitions that were only available virtually, with no physical installation. This opened up our exhibitions to many who had no other way to share their work in the pandemic, and proved to be a wonderful way to share these shows and the artwork of our community beyond the local audience.

The success of these Virtual Exhibitions has led ShenArts to create virtual versions of all of our physical exhibitions as well to take advantage of this extended reach as well as add purely virtual shows to our permanent roster.


Past Exhibits

Life Aquatic

August 18, 2020


This exhibition explores artworks created by artists across many mediums which embrace the element of water. Showcasing 40 works by individual artists, the images seen here urge the viewer to consider the various perspectives and characteristics of water, its many forms, and our relationship with it. 

Artists Featured

Nathan Altier  |  Mary Margaret Barbe  |  Isabelle Bateman  |  Mary Jo Bennett  |  Lauri Bridgeforth  |  Allen Dec  |  Samantha Gibson  |  Angela Giraldi  |  Barbara Gold  |  Rob Gotcher  |  Debra Keirce  |  Jean Kimble  |  Andy Kulp  |  Rachel Leibler  |  Ann St. Clair Lesman  |  Robert Lesman  |  John Lewis  |  Linda Martin  |  Tony Miller  |  Dawn Moore  |  Wolfgang Neudorfer  |  Elise Nicely  |  William Nordman  |  Keith Patterson  |  Barbara Quast  |  Susan Repic  |  Kate Rice  |  Karen Ridings  |  Sarah Ricketts  |  Erin Roszko  |  Ron Salmon  |  Katlyn Saville  |  Melanie Schneider  |  Lisa Shaffer  |  David Sipp  |  Kira Skala  |  Rachel Summers  |  Kellie Van Hook  |  Kristin Wilson  |  Karen Winters

We would like to congratulate local artist Karen Winters for receiving the Best in Show distinction for her watercolor work, Snowy Egret.

ShenArts would like to extend its thanks to the selection committee and to the numerous artists who submitted their works for consideration in this exhibition. We hope to see more from you all in the future.

Selection Committee

Alex Flanigan  |  Community Arts & Vitality Manager, City of Winchester

Abigail Gomez  |  Artist, Founder & President Arte Libre VA

Curry Schiavone  |  MSV Family & Youth Programs Manager


ShenArts Quarantine 2020 Show

April 3, 2020


The ShenArts community might not currently be able to gather to experience works of art, but local art is still thriving. Our member artists are hard at work creating during these unprecedented times, many doing their part to offer beauty, understanding, and escape for all of us through their artwork. ShenArts hopes to help fill a void that social distancing has created by offering the opportunity to participate virtually in exhibitions, sell their work via our website, and interact with our community directly. Now more than ever the need to explore and express through art has a great impact on us all, and those who create these works need our support to manage these unusual times until we can once again be together.

Artists Featured

Nathan Altier  |  Mary Margaret Barbe  |  Mary Jo Bennett  |  Christy Broy  |  Nina Burke  |  Gerry D’Onofrio  |  Deb Ehrhardt  |  Samantha Gibson  |  G.M. Grant  |  Caliph Greene  |  Vicky Dorn Fontana  |  Abigail Gomez  |  Nicole Henry  |  Katie Houser  |  Rebecca Hurt  |  Alice Irvan  |  Joseph Jablonski  |  Marcie Jurkowski  |  Debra Keirce  |  Margaret Kennedy  |  Matthew Kern  |  Galya Kerns  |  Diana Kincannon  |  Andy Kulp  |  Ann St Clair Lesman  |  Robert Lesman  |  Bernie Lewis  |  Marty Matheson  |  Alexandria Moon  |  Wolfgang Neudorfer  |  Elise Nicely  |  David Nicholson  |  Terri Nicholson  |  Victoria Pendragon  |  Barbara Quast  |  Julie Read  |  Roberto Rosas  |  Katlyn Saville  |  Meg Seymour  |  Amy “Tovah” Shafran  |  David Sipp  |  Lisa Sipp  |  Kira Skala  |  Karen Smith  |  Hilary White  |  Kristin Zimet

We invite you to explore over one hundred works by forty-six local artists.


While we wait….we create.

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