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Insights: The Healing Power of Art

May 9, 2021


ShenArts was asked to create an exhibition as part of the 2019 Winchester Arts & Music Festival which took place in the historic Handley Library in downtown Winchester. This exhibition showcased twenty-seven works from fourteen regional artists and explored the powerful ways in which art and creativity can be beneficial to both the creator and the viewer. This annual festival, organized by The Arts & Hearts Association, spanned the course of a single weekend, making this exhibition fleeting and all the more powerful to experience in person.

Featured Artists

Joe Bourgeois  |  Steve Clegg  |  Deb Ehrhardt  |  Vicky Dorn Fontana  |  Norma Fredrickson  |  Abigail Gomez  |  Gerald Jackson  |  Kim Kim  |  Sarah Kohrs  David Sipp  |  Kira Skala  |  Abby Stahl  |  Sarah Havah Theebaum  |  Catherine Wolniewicz
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